Tools for Social Media Results

We have a collection of tools that have the potential to increase the rate that people give Referrals to your business to family and friends. They are useful on their own – but with a little training and strategy, they can greatly accelerate the speed and spread of your message.

It’s best if you learn about them based on your business profile – the order we recommend they be implemented, the amount of service vs Do It Yourself and the training is customized to give you the best information without clogging up your attention with less effective or applicable tactics.

We’ve grouped tools and training into these overall categories – but in the future, there will be special sub-groups for medical practices, law firms, restaurants… but everything starts with the basics.

Local Business Owner?
If you run a local business, your time and attention is at a premium and we’ll show you overall strategies that will increase the rate of Referrals and the sequence most likely to bring Success and not Stress from Social Media.

Author, Expert, Consumer Product Marketer?
The scope of your potential customers extends well beyond the local community. You may have a large budget and staff, you may be implementing strategies and Social Media channel engagement on your own. Doing it in sequence and creating a plan that keeps the majority of your time focused on content and product creation will be the most profitable and effective use of time, money and resources.

Are you a Local Marketing Agency?
With the rise of so many Social Media channels, businesses have a far more complex range of choices when it comes to advertising and marketing. Traditional channels like television, radio, print advertising, direct mail and Yellow Pages were simpler, but expensive compared to “free” Social Media. But getting measurable and consistent results from Social Media AND helping clients generate Referrals AND having tools that are easy to use and get results will open doors to new business and keep clients happy much longer.