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I just finished listening to @Mitch Joel’s podcast on Social TV with Mike Proulx and Stacey Shepatin. Six Pixels Podcast – Social TV

Where is the connecting line right now between Social Media engagement and television programming and which directions are shifting the fastest?

Segmentation of TV and Movie content is splintering into TV short programming, Major events like the Grammy’s or Super Bowl and programming that would have been watercooler topics years ago, now have a live, streaming comment track and conversation via facebook, twitter and private text messaging layered in and tagged with tags or groups.

This will impact revenue models for channels and for content producers, but figuring out the ROI value of increased traditional ratings, buzz and alternative advertising pushed may take a while.

Creative commons granted – Coconut Martini… cheers to Social Engagement accompanying mass mediaOn a lighter note… how fast this can impact programming was showcased on “The Chew” (ABC TV) on Friday, March 23. Theme of the show was “Pie Day” and according to the show’s hosts, audience members were facebook messaging in saying that Clinton Kelly should make pie flavored cocktails. Allegedly he went to his dressing room and concocted some Coconut Pie Martinis…which were consumed in the next segment – the hosts got a little buzzed (an audience favorite) and it livened things up quite a bit. (Still making me chuckle thinking about it… you do NOT want me to get started about bartending and cocktails, I am the WORST)

Here’s the show link – only good for 5 days and they do not have a clip of just the drinking part. The Chew – Pie Day episode

Brand engagement and media content engagement have parallels so this is some food for thought even if you aren’t in the TV or Media production business. Having fun and creating connections is the prime directive here. Cheers!!!

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