Life Long Learning

Keeping up to date in any profession requires continuing to learn new skills, consume and process new information and research and maintaining and expanding your network.

I was asked to share a few favorite life-long learning resources at the Enterprising Delta Women meeting (allied with the Delta Chamber of Commerce) last week and here is the list and links to the items mentioned.

Book –  “Control Alt Delete” by Mitch Joel

Recommended on the level of – if you could only read one book this year – level. This book explains the current marketplace’s shift to digital assets and consumer behavior when researching and making purchase decisions. It also addresses in great detail how to showcase your business and yourself as a personal brand.

Podcast – “Six Pixels of Separation”  via Twist Image (Mitch Joel’s marketing agency)

Weekly podcast on business marketing strategy focusing on current trends in advertising and social media. Interesting guests and covers a lot of quality ideas.

Social Media as a learning channel –

Facebook groups can be a terrific resource sharing and networking zone IF they are heavily moderated and kept Spam Free. When joining a new group, it’s best to stop in and observe first, then comment with helpful info and connections, THEN start posting valuable info and asking questions.

Favorite group – “Best Marketing Secrets”  – you could literally spend all your facebook time here for days and power-up on great resources in the feed and in the files section.

Favorite Tool – Mind Mapping

iMindMap –

This is the best mind-mapping software and system I’ve found. Free 7 day trial lets you play a while and see the possibilities.

Learn more about Mind Mapping –

Mind Maps: Quicker Notes, Better Memory, and Improved Learning 3.0
Michael Taylor


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