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Life Long Learning
Keeping up to date in any profession requires continuing to learn new skills, consume and process new information and research[...]
Know, Like and Trust – Customer Relationships and Relationship Marketing
Do you want to make more sales? Create better customer relationships and get more return customers? Establishing a connection where[...]
Marketing Mistake – Thinking proven results trump strong emotions
Best intentions can be a marketing mistake! When we sell a product or service, it's often because we passionately believe[...]
Marketing Mistake – Ignoring Customer Fears
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Marketing Mistake – Hard Selling and Push Marketing
This is one of the biggest marketing mistakes that people insist on making, despite ample statistical evidence that consumers are[...]
Pre-Strategic Planning Worksheet – Individual
Personal motives and leverage: By beginning the strategic planning process with examining what is happening, your reasons for doing what[...]
The “Kathryn Experience”
This is a super fun Google Hangout interview with Louise Edington about the Big Business Zoo and just a chat[...]
Project Management and Project Plans
Project Management Keeps You On Course The One Skill Everyone Should Learn When Starting A Company or Organization Good, solid[...]
Financial Modeling and Corporate Structure
Financial Modeling Preserves Equity for You and Your Team The Best Dilution Solution... Is never getting there in the first[...]
Team Creation and Training
High Level Team Creation with Flexible, Short Term Strategies Enable Your Business or Consulting Practice to Move Fast Planning, marketing[...]
Strategic Plan or Business Plan?
Strategic Plan or Business Plan? Some highly respected consultants won't do a business plan unless a strategic plan has been[...]
Google Changes Things Too!
Continued from Part 1 & Part 2 - Why Does Facebook Change Things So Often? 3. Changes in layout, file[...]
Why Does Facebook Change Things So Often? Part 2
Continued from Part 1 - Thousands of developers... It seems like every few weeks facebook, Google, and other search engine[...]
Why Does Facebook Change Things So Often?
It seems like every few weeks facebook, Google, and other search engine and online Socially Networked sites make changes in[...]
Why Is Local Search Important?
What if you found out your phone had stopped ringing... ...because the phone company removed your Yellow Pages listing and[...]
Is Your Business Invisible? 3 Checks You Can Make Yourself
Invisible is FATAL! Check yourself...and check your friends! It seems like I am saying this over and over again, but[...]
What Do Universes and Pizzas Have In Common?
Both expand from a compact, energized, symmetrical core To create Supercharged Referrals that will expand in all directions and lead[...]
3 Perspectives On Facebook Groups – Community, Immunity and Impunity
One of my facebook friends Louise Edington made a statement the other day that "Facebook Groups are the new spam".[...]
Should you profile your clients and customers?
The previous post created a comment that made me think of something that is really important for getting more referrals,[...]
Those are 8008’s whether you think so or not – Brand Matters
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Celebrating Saint Urho – 3 Social Media Lessons
The legend of St Urho states that St. Urho drove away grasshoppers from Finland using the incantation "Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka, mene[...]
Social TV and Media Engagement
I just finished listening to @Mitch Joel's podcast on Social TV with Mike Proulx and Stacey Shepatin. Six Pixels Podcast[...]