SEO Basic Tools

This does not get into the advanced SEO your site needs to perform well and bring you new business. It does cover the basic structural items that need to be used as the foundation for good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Link Categories
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More Tutorial Pages –

Adding Content to Pages and Posts – Heading, Images from the Media Library, Images from your computer, Image from a URL, Links and Media, the Toolbar

Adding New Pages, Posts, Paragraphs and Lists
Using Quickpress and Pasting from Word
Deleting a Page or Post, Restoring a Page or Post

WordPress Administration Area – Admin Bar, Dashboard, Categories, Changing your password, Managing Comments

Advance Images Tools – Featured Images, Deleting Images, Cropping and Scaling Images with the Image Editor, Flipping, Undoing and Redoing with the Image Editor, Replacing an Image

Site Design – Managing Widgets, Creating and Managing Custom Navigation Menus, Switching Themes