Why Does Facebook Change Things So Often?

It seems like every few weeks facebook, Google, and other search engine and online Socially Networked sites make changes in layout, rankings, file handling and in the case of facebook especially changes to privacy settings that “reconnect” users as a default value in at least some of the network.

Here are a couple explanations just off the top of my not so pointy head about why…

1. There are hundreds and sometimes thousands of programmers that can engineer these updates at the larger venues. They are very good at what they do and somewhat competitive about creating new and better code and functions.

  • Benefit? It is crazy to see what a person can do with a free Google account and free YouTube account and free facebook account communicating, creating teams and networks and promoting their product, company or organization. The money and time it would cost to accomplish the same levels of activity and exposure even 5 years ago or using traditional media venues is in the thousands of dollars per month if you work the free systems. And yes…it’s all FREE!
  • Caveat? It’s all FREE! This means that you do not get to demand privacy, customer service, statistical reporting, continuous and ongoing service or the “right” to continue using your free accounts. You will eventually be advertised to on these venues and this is only fair in my opinion. They do offer privacy policies, statistical reporting, fantastic uptime and reliability for a free service and they do make some attempt to engage developers and users in assimilating the changes.

Continued in Part 2 – Engagement and how Social Networking and facebook in particular use similar tactics to Video Games…addictive? Maybe!

After that in Part 3 – Privacy concerns and feature switches – Google Changes Things Too!!

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