What Do Universes and Pizzas Have In Common?

Both expand from a compact, energized, symmetrical core

To create Supercharged Referrals that will expand in all directions and lead back to your business – you need to clarify, refine and compact the messages customers and clients can share about you.

galaxy-medA Universe starts with a singularity, something tiny but so pure and powerful it can expand on and on and on. Think of Oprah and the question “What do I know for sure?” This starting point, is sometimes asked directly as an interview question (What do you know for sure?) and is used on a wide scale as an editorial guiding principle.

Why is this question so powerful? It draws out the best and most powerful things people can share.

A great pizza starts with a ball of dough – compact, yeasty, smooth and round. If it’s prepared with quality flour, fresh yeast and water at the best temperature – the elements for expansion are there. How big it can stretch and still stick together depends on making sure it’s kneaded, smashed and worked until it’s smooth and elastic. Pizza crust recipe

The first step in creating Supercharged Referrals is finding or creating your “NUTS”. Each of these four factors needs to be not only present, but clarified, strengthened and showcased in a way that your clients and customers can see them, hear them, experience them and share them. Perception is reality and if they aren’t clear and readily visible and compacted in a way that can spread exponentially, the potential for Referrals is limited.

Question: If Oprah asked about your business and what your customer could know for sure – what do you think the first answer would be?


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