Why Are We Using Comment Luv?

Heart in the Sand reminder that comments and visitors come and go.

Social Media "Luv" is fleeting so having tools that enhance visibiiity for everyone increases engagement.

CommentLuv isn’t perfect, but it does have a developer that follows up and capability to create ongoing relationships with people that visit, read and share via Social Media or take it further and actually comment on your blog.

Because it filters for Spammers and it rewards people who actually write articles and content in their own blog, the chances of you getting comments that go beyond “Wow! Great post! I am really like your idea” and other mindless flattering nonsense attached to links to sites for little blue pills, increases dramatically.

In addition – reciprocity with you directly visiting your commenter’s blog and “catching them doing something brilliant” is the highest and best…but not always possible or practical. Letting them post a link to a post on their blog is a nice reward… if they comment more than once and you approve the comments, (you can decide how many posts to require), the system will give them a choice of which blog post THEY would like to be linked up on that article.

“We are REALLY like that idea, nice surprise, very much!!!” (sic) Ha, ha, ha – if you have ever filtered through hundreds of spammy comments you are laughing.

The CommentLuv Plugin

We do have an affiliate relationship with CommentLuv, but would recommend it and use it even if we didn’t. It goes in and out of offers for the Premium version and so you may get a nice set of bonus videos or it will give you a simple video, the option to get the free version and an invitation to get the Premium version when it’s available again.

Andy Bailey, the developer keeps the price reasonable and it is fairly complex on his end to keep it updated – worth the wait if you have to. At time of this post you are in for a fresh video series on tactics that DO NOT require CommentLuv that will get you more visibility online. I’ve so far seen two in preview and am busy implementing things that are very powerful (and free).

Get More Comments On Your Blog

In the always there intro video he explains how you can use a simple strategy, using simple tools to make sure that you or your brand gets instantly recognized by people on facebook, twitter and blog comments.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your name, product or blog in front of peoples eyes then you really should go and learn the things that are shown to you in the video.
go here now and see it >>
Get More Comments On Your Blog

Here’s A Link To the CommentLuv Google Plus Business Page