Newsletter, Announcement List and Special Limited Series Lists

The “Endangered Species” List

Owning and operating a small business or being a solopreneur is difficult for too many reasons to list here. We don’t send a lot of emails – but we do want to stay in touch regularly to let you know what new tools, speakers, resources and alliances we are using, learning from and growing with.

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Information YOU want… when YOU want it. Because we pay attention to what people actually do and how they get results and benefits that are important to them, we know that sending a lot of emails is generally considered a waste of time and isn’t all that effective. On the other hand, because the platforms we all use for Social Media are free and can disconnect anyone at any time, we know it is important to have a way to reconnect with people who do want important updates. So we recommend and practice a shift in email protocol – encouraging everyone to sign up, but only using the Announcement List when something major happens – when a new book or course is released, when something major happens in the primary Social Media platforms (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) that will directly impact your business or when we open a new Social Media portal or lose an important one. When you follow our Twitter stream, “Like” our facebook fan pages (there are several), Circle us on Google Plus or Subscribe to videos on YouTube – this gives us a way to feed out current, helpful information that you can watch for or go visit on purpose for an update. We will also be offering Special Limited Series in an email format that you can subscribe to individually – 5 to 12 messages that contain articles and links to videos and tutorials on topics that are not going to add value to everyone, but may provide great value to your business application. Right now, we are only offering the Announcement List – you can fill out the form with your name and email or you can click the big orange button to subscribe via facebook. You’ll get a confirmation email that has to be clicked to verify that you really want this (CanSpam Compliance) and a response email with a list of current links and channels you can use to reference our information portals.