It’s Complicated!

We can help, even if it’s really, really complicated!

Because I have several decades of experience not only running and operating several successful businesses, a recent MBA (2006) and additional years consulting with a wide variety of businesses and professionals – I have a unique and very broad set of skills and a huge network of resources and smart people.
My MBA focused on Marketing, but also emphasized Franchise System Development, so finding the most important things to do, the right sequence to do them in, as well as eliminating complications and wasted resources is part of the process. Profitability and making you look and feel professional, organized and focused are our top targets.

It’s Confidential!

For the last 10 years, I’ve been working out of the public eye with Inventors, Scientists, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Business Leaders in high trust, confidential projects. Most of the time, I stay with clients for several years – in the beginning on an intense level to clean things up, create structures and plans, develop alliances and strategies. Once the crisis is passed, I can stay on as an advisor on retainer or work on other projects. The time this takes varies depending on the severity of the problems, scope of the project and deadlines that need to be met.
Why confidential?
Business Structures, design specs and processes for Inventors, Scientists and Entrepreneurs need to be kept highly confidential. That’s just smart during development.
Sometimes though, confidential is also important to maintain public image, investor trust and reduction of liability.
I’ve worked with a well known, highly publicized Coach who had his server hacked and over a dozen sites blocked by Google. We prioritized the 8 “money sites” and had them clean, re-settled in a fresh server, secured and simplified in a week. With $20K to $25K per week in average sales, this needed an immediate fix to preserve both cash flow and reputation.
I’ve worked with an Inventor/Scientist with over 100 patents developing a business plan and marketing strategy for a product that has to be kept secret until there is enough funding to roll out a large scale, quick launch. Speed and security are critical when you have tech that can be reverse engineered and knocked off within weeks.
I’ve worked with an entrepreneur and author who had raised over $750K in Capital – but his Corporate structure was off course, his chain of title for the primary asset was broken and his equity was leveraged to an obscene degree by a previous board of directors and unscrupulous advisers. We were able to clean up the loose ends, resolve and remove liabilities and set the project back on course. They were able to raise an additional $350K in Capital and accomplish clear and measurable results that surpassed what the previous money accomplished at least 10-fold.
There have been numerous smaller projects that were still high level problem solving and more routine, non-urgent projects that are less expensive and better stress-wise for everyone. Preventing future disasters is part of the exit plan.
Integrity, profitability and results are things I insist on or I won’t work with the project.

Service and Coaching Sectors

Professional Priorities: Inventor, Author, Speaker, Coach, Business Owner, Investor, Executive, etc.
I can work with you to plan and prioritize market positioning shifts, career shifts and growth/expansion for your business… Because… I have, myself and for others, successfully reinvented my/others’ roles and learned new skills… I can help you get more clarity, leverage your network and plan, step-by-step, behind-the-scenes, preparations…
“Market Positioning and Profitability Strategy”
Using market research, trend forecasting and team resources, we can work together to fine-tune and plan profitable growth, increasing visibility, personal and professional network. When it’s time to make the transition, we can develop events, promotional products and media—attracting resources that will naturally increase your credibility, visibility and quality of your network.
Development Of Online Media Channels
This can be as simple as a blog or be leveraged with a podcast or online video series. These activities increase visibility, credibility and digital assets that tell your story and showcase your expertise.
“What The Hell Happened?”
Does your business, team, your online reputation, your website(s) or your network keeps you up at night? Get help now.
Using Root Cause Analysis, Document and Contract Review, Resource Allocation Analysis and tracking behavior (behavior-based outcomes?), Implementation and Results, we can find out what shifted you, your company, or your network.
For technical Infrastructure, we can stop hacks, secure your digital assets like your website(s) and your articles, simplify and create a clear plan for moving forward and repair the damage.
Unfinished Business
One of the things we can do is to complete unfinished projects. We have the full Adobe Design Suite for everything from websites to e-books, expertise in WordPress and HTML websites, a big network or specialist service providers that are reliable and trusted, MBA level business planning tools and skills “in house”. The tale of people losing 6 months to a year shifting between unreliable service providers is a common one. Get things fixed and get them done right! Your opportunity cost in lost sales and credibility is VERY expensive.
Speed, Accuracy, Competence, Expertise, Confidentiality, Reliability and Results are why you can’t just “outsource this to somebody cheap…”
Your business and your online tools are the new “storefront” and when they are not functioning right, attractive and easy for your customers to find and use, you are out of business whether you know it or not. VERY expensive.

What’s the price tag then? Well, without the scope, timing, severity and priority of the project… It’s complicated! But here’s what we do!

1. We offer a Free 30 minute consultation – if we determine from this that it isn’t a good fit or we can’t help you, we will do our best to match you with several choices of people you can trust.
2. After the consultation there is “thinking time” – within 1 to 3 days, we connect back and go over an initial proposal with ideas and priorities and options.
3. We create a specific plan or set up consultations sessions, for this we have a $500 to $1,000 retainer that gets applied to the work. Whatever we set up is broken into specific phases for completions and payments. We can’t guarantee specific sales or site ranking results or an exact timeline because the marketplace, you, your company’s reputation and resources and your team are factors I can’t control. …
For most clients, work is generally split between creating a strategic plan, weekly coaching, follow-up and counseling and/or a “Done-For-You Package.”
Stopping the Pain! Because a lot of my expertise has been honed in the “battlefield” of business and life, we keep the engagement as light and encouraging as possible, very confidential and clear, focused and measurable.
Don’t wait any longer! In a very short time, you could be on track and enjoying your practice and business again without the complications! Connect with the 911 form. email or Call using the links in the 211 below.