Life Long Learning

Keeping up to date in any profession requires continuing to learn new skills, consume and process new information and research and maintaining and expanding your network. I was asked to share a few favorite life-long learning resources at the Enterprising Delta Women meeting (allied with the Delta Chamber of Commerce) last week and here is…

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Help With Twitter Management

How can I get my Twitter account up and running with content and followers fast? Twitter is an important tool for learning, connecting and sharing, but often people ask for help building up their account, keeping it active and interesting. This is a tool I’ve used for a couple of years now with great results.…

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Delta Chamber Website Special

If your website is more than two years old, it is highly likely that it is not optimized for viewing and use on a mobile device. Since more and more people are using smart phones and tablets as their only portal to see what your business offers, if they can’t easily read and find the…

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How to Record a Google Hangout

How To Record A Google Hangout – New GHO

How to record a Google Hangout instructions changed in September 2013 – this video shows how to Start a GHO after the Hummingbird update. We will show you easy instructions for starting and recording a Google Hangout to YouTube. This video has step-by-step instructions for how to find the recording and broadcasting area and how…

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Know, Like and Trust – Customer Relationships and Relationship Marketing

Do you want to make more sales? Create better customer relationships and get more return customers? Establishing a connection where they “know, like and trust” you is essential and foundational to relationship marketing. It’s a concept that has become more popular and relevant in sales and marketing training, because it’s true and necessary now that…

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EDW member spotlight

Enterprising Delta Women – Delta Chamber of Commerce, Delta BC

Videos about Enterprising Delta Women – part of Delta, BC’s Chamber of Commerce. This group of entrepreneurial women meets monthly to support, network and have fun. Learn more at Delta Chamber of Commerce Website and find out when the next event will be held if you are in the area. (Just South of Vancouver, BC…

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Marketing Mistake – Thinking proven results trump strong emotions

Best intentions can be a marketing mistake! When we sell a product or service, it’s often because we passionately believe that it will create benefits and results for the customer. If they see it differently or if there is something about our product or service that they think might make them “look bad”, this is…

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Marketing Mistake – Ignoring Customer Fears

No product or service is perfect, but some have flaws or emotional baggage that trigger fear in your customers – ignoring these fears is a big marketing mistake! Riding the Elephant Part 2 – When Customers Have Worries and Fear About Using Your Product or Service Our marketer in Part 1 has a product that…

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marketing mistake continuing to push and hard sell your product or service

Marketing Mistake – Hard Selling and Push Marketing

This is one of the biggest marketing mistakes that people insist on making, despite ample statistical evidence that consumers are not only resistant to marketing intrusions, they may actively dislike your brand if you come on too strong and don’t have a relatable product and marketing message. Ride the Elephant Part 1 – When Customers…

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Pre-Strategic Planning Worksheet – Individual

Personal motives and leverage: By beginning the strategic planning process with examining what is happening, your reasons for doing what you are doing, and your long-term objectives, you set your planning ladder on a good site. Taking steps up the ladder by planning for growth will be fruitless if the ladder stands on an unstable…

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WordPress Tune-Up and Tutorial Special

Is your site in danger of being hacked? Has it been hacked? The internet marketing news has not been good recently with massive attacks on all the major hosting providers from evil-doers who want to hijack WordPress sites to spread their poison. There ARE specific things you can do to reduce risk and get things…

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Kathryn Booth, MBA

The “Kathryn Experience”

This is a super fun Google Hangout interview with Louise Edington about the Big Business Zoo and just a chat about whatever we’d talk about over a cup of tea. Aside from the funny stories and some eagle anecdotes, a good overview of what I do, what kind of clients I like to work with…

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Project Management and Project Plans

Project Management Keeps You On Course The One Skill Everyone Should Learn When Starting A Company or Organization Good, solid project management is where we start with most companies. One of our most important initial services is to place a project manager with a start-up company’s founder or initial team to make sure that a…

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Financial Modeling and Corporate Structure

Financial Modeling Preserves Equity for You and Your Team The Best Dilution Solution… Is never getting there in the first place. Thinking in both short and long terms, we plan your company seeking to create a balance between what you want and need to get out of it financially, what your shareholder’s want and need…

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mobile search leads to purchase

Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

The rate of transition from people using desktop computers and regular Search Engine tactics to find products and services to smart phones and tablets is accelerating and WILL NOT go back! If you have a service company, restaurants or brick and mortar store, it is essential that you have your local search pages optimized and…

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